The style of machine quilting I do is freehand, at times with the use of pantograms, printed patterns I can follow with a laser light.  Designs can be as basic as an allover stipple or an edge-to-edge pattern.  Individual blocks, varied, and custom designs can also be used depending upon what effect is desired.  Thread color can also be varied to add another dimension to a piece. 


As of the fall of 2018, I will be incorporating the capability to use computer assisted quilting.  This adds a continuity of design and speeds the quilting process.  Variety of designs, block or pantograms will be added to my library on a regular basis to keep up with the variety of new quilt designs constantly coming.


I enjoy teaching.  When someone desires to learn a new skill, group and/or private lessons can be arranged.  Depending on what it is they ultimately want to learn will determine the necessary steps to that end.  Completion of projects and goals are of utmost import to me.  When a project is completed during class, the student gains a sense of accomplishment without the dread of taking an incomplete project home to sit in a closet, never to be finished.  My goal is that all students succeed.



About Carla


I grew up learning to sew with my mom and grandmother but decided that was not something I enjoyed.  However, after I was married, the neighbor came over and asked me if I could make clothes that would fit her.  This brought me back into sewing clothing, including later dance and skating costumes for our daughter.  Then the fateful day happened, Mom could not attend a quilting class and sent me instead.  From then on, I have learned to piece quilts, teach quilting, and machine quilt with my regular sewing machine and  my Tin Lizzie 18 longarm.


Quilting has become one of my favorite expressions of creativity with every aspect from picking patterns and fabric, construction, and then the quilting that brings the components together in a way that brings function and beauty to a quilt without being a distraction or overpowering the design.  Sharing these forms of creativity brings me joy as I see the eyes of those picking up their completed projects.